Keeping It Real in Gambling

Keeping It Real in Gambling

January 18, 2017 General 0

Gambling is no doubt a call that is not often heard by us human beings.

In almost all negative theories about gambling, it is always pointed out as one of the greatest sin ever spawned by Satan. naturally, for those who are avid gamblers — this is not true at all.

Gambling is an act of risking a part of your life to the inevitable. But life will be pure hell if you immersed deeper, and not being able to crawl back to sanity. That is evil. Not gambling.

The gambler opens not only his windows to luck, but opportunities and numerous contacts that could help him in the future.

Nothing wrong in that, as long as he is extra-cautious of the consequences. The smart gambler perceives this before anything else. It’s a game, and no game ends otherwise.

Losing is a part of this kind of risk. Without losing, how can he better himself the next time around? By giving more than he could? Giving in to other people’s delusions of the getting the best overnight? No.

It all goes to being cautious. An extra dose or two in caution is better than turning a blind eye on what he sees, but never applies after losing.

He will never learn with this kind of attitude, and this absolutely what taints the good side of gambling.

It is like any other most-sought item that is being abused by the benighted. Believing what he only wants to see and hear. Consumed by greed.

He never knows when to quit. But he will. When there is nothing left of him to give.

Many people who are into gambling have their experience, both positive and negative. They even let gambling become a part of their lives, have risked seriously yet they remained humble after winning.

Those who were eaten by negativities have a lot to pay — literally and figuratively. Those who gave their all, respected and adored by the world at the start but permitted themselves to be slaves of worldly pleasures.

Lost their precious jobs, family and friends — even money. Whatever motivated them into excess will always linger, unless the defeated gambler fought all the negativities that almost destroyed him completely.

Before going to the deep end, they think not of the future. The world is theirs alone. Only to realize that everything they possess are bound to vanish in the blink of an eye.

Amateurs and professionals in the gambling arena unite to compete — NOT to permit the dark side of gambling. It is a battle of wits and intellect, and those who persevere enough are rewarded kindly.