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“Internet customers who wish to pay by check simply select Citadel and enter the requested bank account information. drumandbasslab authenticates the information you provide immediately, online. No more waiting 2-3 business days to verify your banking information. You can feel secure that you never share your personal information with
3rd parties.”

“Internet-asiakkaat, jotka haluavat maksaa sekillä, valitse löytyy täältä ja anna pyydetyt pankkitilitiedot. oikeuttaa antamasi tiedot välittömästi verkossa. Ei enää odottaa 2-3 pankkipäivää pankkitilisi vahvistamiseksi. Voit tuntea olonsa turvalliseksi, ettet koskaan jakaa henkilökohtaisia ​​tietojasi
Kolmannet osapuolet.”


“We’ve never won at Drumandbasslab.com. In spite of this, I always seem to return to this place to have some fun with the monthly bonus. I know from other players that winnings are sent quickly, and the one time I needed to get in touch with customer service, the reply was corteous and prompt.”

“Wir haben noch nie bei Drumandbasslab.com gewonnen. Trotzdem scheine ich immer wieder an diesen Ort zurückzukehren, um Spaß mit dem monatlichen Bonus zu haben. Ich weiß von anderen Spielern, dass Gewinne schnell gesendet werden, und die eine Zeit, die ich brauchte, um mit dem Kundendienst in Verbindung zu treten, war die Antwort höflich und prompt.”


“The issue of software stability drags down the overall experience, On the whole however, we enjoyed playing at William Hill. The programmers have managed to produce a theme, consistent with the British upper-class world they wish to suck the player into. White-gloved dealers, and a fireplace on the casino floor – great stuff. ”

“La question de la stabilité logicielle fait baisser l’expérience globale. Dans l’ensemble cependant, nous avons aimé jouer à William Hill. Les programmeurs ont réussi à produire un thème, cohérent avec le monde de la classe supérieure britannique, dans lequel ils veulent aspirer le joueur. Des marchands de gants blancs et une cheminée à l’étage du casino – des trucs géniaux.”

Vive Mon casino

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Our core demographic is mainly for everyone, we don’t just appeal to brands and buisnesses but also independent sellers, bloggers or even freelancers.

Heather Ford

Trusted Amazon Seller

“A good casino. No problems getting a large winning from this place after having a very lucky streak at the blackjack and roulette tables.”

Grant Burke

Reddit Blogger

“I play here every single month, and love the free bonus chips. I recently pulled home over $400 playing rags to riches, my favourite progressive slot machine on the internet. “

Henry Smith

Former Buisness Owner

“I generally agree with the other reviewers about this place. Great casino. I won over $500 a few months ago on the blackjack tables. Got my winnings by cheque after only 2 weeks.

Jake Carter


“Have played at well over 30 online casinos – this one and intercasino are my favourites. I dont agree with some reviews of this site that say theres a problem with software stability.”

Why gambling myths persist

There are numerous myths and misconceptions associated with gambling, but a lot of them are focused on the idea that the casinos are cheating the player of his potential winnings. None of this has any basis in fact, and an overview of the prevailing false notions may help explain them.

One likely source of gambling myths is simply lack of knowledge. For instance, the belief that slot machines can be “turned off” if it is handing out too much money, or “turned on” if there are no customers, is based on ignorance. The fact is that slots have a chip inside, and the only way they can be manipulated in any way is to dismantle the machine and bring it back to the factory.

In addition, the RNG (Random Number Generator) ensures that all the symbols that appear in the slots are randomly produced. This same principle is also applicable to online slots. While casinos know this, there a lot of gamblers who do not, and their ignorance has, most likely led to the spread of this gambling myth.

The same explanation can be given for misconceptions about roulette; there is no way that a dealer or player can influence the direction of the ball. The wheels have no “tendencies” or “nuisances” that one can study to increase his chances of winning. There are roulette strategies, but looking for wheel defects is not one of them.

Somewhat related to this gambling myth is that there is a “system” that one can use to win consistently in Bingo or Keno. Again, some players use strategies, but there is nothing that will help you win all the time, because it is still based on chance.

Part 2

Finally there is the continuing fallacy about dealers cheating players in card games. This may be due to the fact that in the early days of gambling (during the 1600-1800s) there were sharpers who swindled ordinary players.

But those days are long gone, and now, with cameras and tight security everywhere, it is impossible for the dealer or player to even consider cheating.

For those who do not gamble, then their ignorance of the facts can be understood somewhat. But what about players who should know better, but are still complaining of being cheated? These are simply people who cannot accept responsibility for their own actions.

If you want to be a good gambler, you must dispel of these gambling myths; the end result of the game is dependent on your strategies and actions. Surely if you can take the credit for winning, you can also shoulder the responsibility if you lose.

Although tall tales will still be entrenched in the minds of some people, their number is being reduced, as the facts are now being set straight. So forget about these gambling myths and just concentrate on playing and winning money.

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